Is the online payment service available outside Qatar?

Sorry, we appreciate your interest but the online payment service is not available in your country. We offer you many other services such as mini-store, professional invoicses, pointing and many other services.

Can I receive my payments in dollar?

Yes, but you need to enable this feature through the app.

Do you take a commission or are you satisfied with a monthly subscription?

The fees is 2.5 per cent on the total amounts in addition to the monthly fee and any amounts transferred With a value of less than 1000QR, a commission of 10 QR is deducted from the bank

Do you transfer directly to my account or what?

All the amounts in your account are collected on Saturday and we make a transfer order on it, and it will be deposited into your account on Tuesday or Wednesday

Can I receive payments from outside Qatar?

What country do you need to receive money through?

What are the documents required for activation?

Quite nice, individual’s requirements are different from companies. If you are an individual, you need a ID photo that proves you are a Qatari citizen plus a bank account certificate. On the other hand, if you are a company, you need a ID photo for the signed provider, a corporate bank account certificate and a business register for the company.

What are the activation prices?

Please, you can access the pricing page at:


When will my money be in the account?

The first transfer takes two weeks to three weeks. Later, the transfers become weekly.

Why do not I receive messages?

Please, have you confirmed that notifications have been activated or messages have not been blocked from telecommunications company?

Why am I not getting notifications on the e-mail?

As well, have you confirmed that notifications are enabled? If yes, “OK, your issue will be provided to the technical department to continue and thank you”

how can I integrate my website with Fatora?

you can visit the Developer Page at:



How can I make refund to an invoice?

You must first go to the balance and payments and then make your request or you can do that inside the invoice by click on action beside the payment 

How long will take to activate the new bank account if it changes?

It takes four to five weeks.

How long does the account take to be activated?

Thank you for your interest, your account will be activated from 3 to 5 days after the actions are performed and the contract signed.

How long does the refund process take?

The process takes three to five weeks.

I want to change the bank which I receive my money from it.

We welcome this, and we request that you send a letter from your registered email to Fatora through this email [email protected], explaining your request, and we also send you a request to change your data to be signed by our party later.


If you do not find what you are looking for, contact our team directly to help you obtain clarification of any of the inquiries related to an invoice.