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Many business owners and retailers in Qatar look for online payment with Apple Pay, in order to offer a secure and easy payment method to their customers. It is now easy to make online payments with Apple Pay in Qatar through the Fatora website for online payment solutions.

It is possible now to make payments in more secure, private and easy ways. Fatora offers online payment with Apple Pay, thus helping customers increase their sales and broaden user experience, as Apple Pay users can make secure payments on websites and online stores that support ApplePay.

Apple Pay

How do I make an online payment with Apple Pay in Qatar?

Fatora aims to offer easy and secure online payment for all customers. Customers of Fatora can have a secure online payment gateway in their online store, as well as different online payment methods such as payment links that are easy to share with customers, allow easy payment, and also include professional digital invoices.

Seeking to provide the best online payment service, the Fatora website relies on advanced payment techniques that help fulfill the needs of e-commerce in Qatar.

By registering on the Fatora website, you can offer your customers online payment with Apple Pay and make the payment process easier

  Fatora website obtains a PCI certificate

How do I benefit from online payment with Apple Pay in Qatar?

Offer online payment to your customers and make it faster and more secure. Launching online payment with Apple Pay in Qatar makes it easier for your customers to easily pay the price of their goods and purchases with their phones and without any complications.

Your customers can now instantly pay with their phones, do you think this will increase your sales?

Of course! It is no longer difficult for your customers to pay quickly with their phones by using ApplePay in Qatar. Get the service and make your website faster, more advanced and more secure.

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