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Before we start talking about the best payment gateway in Qatar, I want to tell you about what electronic payment gateways are and how they work.

From a 2019 report titled “Impact Survey Report” by the Qatari Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), it appears that e-commerce penetration rate in Qatar has reached 37%, and consequently using online payment has largely increased.

All entrepreneurs and retailers are looking for a payment gateway that fits their financial needs and helps them attain their goals of achieving customer satisfaction and attracting more of them, and multiplying sales and profits.

Therefore, we will present to you, in this article, the best payment gateway in Qatar that has obtained a PCI-DSS certification in the field of information security and electronic cards.

Fatora website obtains a PCI certification

The best Payment Gateway in Qatar | Fatora

Fatora for online payment solutions is a website that specializes in providing secure online payment methods in Qatar. Fatora is based in Qatar. The website was established in 2017 to be a great shift for many websites and online stores.

The Fatora application has realized many achievements for many websites and online stores, and you may want to read this article about the success story of Al-Tawash for Oud and Perfumes, in which Fatora had a special contribution in increasing the sales and developing the business.

How did Fatora contribute to increasing the sales of Al-Tawash for Oud and Perfumes?

Fatora is the best online payment gateway in Qatar, and through its various features, you can facilitate the process of collecting your money and implement a wonderful digital transformation to your current project.

Now, you can enable your customers to securely pay online by using the best payment gateway by Fatora. A payment gateway plays an important role being the most important component of any online store, and it also contributes to increasing the credibility of the store.

This is why Fatora, being one of the most secure and fastest online payment gateways, provides you with online payment solutions that make it easy for you to collect your money.

best payment gateway

Advantages and services of the best payment gateway in Qatar | Fatora

Free online store: When you register on Fatora, you get a free, ready and easy-to-use online store with an online payment gateway and various other advantages. No need to worry – you just need to add the products and information about your business activities and you are good to go!

How do you create a free online store without technical expertise?

Online payment gateway: You can link your online store to the payment gateway by Fatora to collect your money securely and quickly.

Fatora payment gateway provides multiple payment options and flexibility. You can link the best payment gateway to other stores and, by doing so, you improve your business and get more money and customers, Collect your money from anywhere in the world and at the click of a button!

Currency support: Fatora provides you with many facilities through the currency support feature. By using Fatora payment gateway, you can buy and sell everything from anywhere, easily and without any obstacles or difficulties.

Invoices Signing: Fatora helps you send invoices to your customers and then get the necessary signature to confirm your deals. Signature service is now available, so you do not need paper invoices.

This will help you document your files in a better way. Get confirmation of your deals by sending invoices to customers for signature!

Online payment links: Through this feature, you can collect your money online easily, as this smart and fast service is provided to make online financial transactions easier and more flexible.

You can simply share payment links online and collect your money safely and quickly.

Manage stores and financial transactions: You can monitor the payment process everywhere and anytime. Fatora saves you time and effort by sending a monthly report on all transactions and invoices with all their details, and on the most active customers and the most selling products during the month.

Invoice Management: Get multiple invoices that make your business more advanced and reliable.

You can create professional digital invoices and send them to customers with the possibility to include the value-added tax. Invoices can be easily exported and printed, They can also be sent at any time and anywhere without time or place constraints.

Start using the best payment gateway in Qatar and get the best digital services! Fatora provides you with continuous updates that keep pace with the technological revolution, as well as direct technical support to answer all inquiries and questions.

You can contact us to get answers to all your inquiries and questions from a specialized technical support team.



Impact Survey Report (March 2019)

MOTC Qatar’s e-commerce platform

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