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Online payment is the language of the modern era for online transactions, It provides secure solutions for payment from anywhere in the world in association with online payment gateways available in all countries, as you can find several online payment gateways in different countries.

In Qatar, Fatora is the fastest and most efficient and professional payment gateway, through which you can organize your business and commercial activities, collect your money and pay invoices from anywhere in the world.

After the prevalence of online payment gateways, retail trade has exceeded 2000 billion dollars around the world, of which around 830 billion are recorded in the Asian continent.

In Arab countries, it appears that Qatar has made its way in the midst of the fierce competition and has realized 1.2 billion US dollars in the e-commerce market.

Whether you are an individual, a consumer, a start-up project owner, a big company owner, or an SME manager, and whatever your identity or needs, Fatora can fulfill all your needs when it comes to online payment, invoices and many other services.

Fatora provides, in addition to online payment, a large bundle of great features and services such as creating an online store, creating invoices, cashier service, and linking between online stores and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can also personalize the invoice according to the identity of your trademark for more personalization and exclusivity, in order to gain more customer trust.

best payment gateway in Qatar

Why is Fatora the best payment gateway in Qatar?

Fatora was conceived in 2018 as a pioneer in the field of e-commerce, online payment and invoice creation, with the aim of providing a secure solution for people who are looking for ways to improve digital business.

It presents an advanced model that contributes to the development of companies, commercial activities and online payment.

And after a wide and cumulative variety of continuous updates completed by a team of experts and a diversity of skilled persons, it has become today the number one pioneer company in Qatar working as an online payment gateway that is specialized in managing online payment, and offering a large number of services in the field of e-commerce that meet high-quality standards.

By dealing with Fatora, you can create all forms and types of invoices; for example, you can create a simple and fast invoice that includes the name of the beneficiary and the amount, with some simple details such as designating the party that will pay the transfer fees.

You can also create detailed invoices that include complete information on the financial transaction and parties. There are also installment invoices through which you can pay or collect an amount of money in monthly installments.

And you can create invoices that have the stamp of your online store and are specific to your trademark.

In addition to this feature, Fatora provides, among its various unique services, the possibility to link online stores with links to accounts, applications and online payment gateways.

Thus, if you own an online store you can link it to your social media accounts such as Facebook, and you can also link it to online payment gateways so you can attract customers from all over the world.

Most importantly, Fatora offers the possibility to design an integral online store even if you are a beginner in the field and do not have the necessary experience in the field of programming and design techniques.

Do not worry at all! You can create a perfect and complete online store for free with Fatora, and you can modify and update it and add different links to it.

You can also include an application or a group of applications for your store and link them to the store to help your customers complete their transactions through smartphones without the need to use any other device, and what makes this feature special is that applications are easy to use and fulfill all needs quickly.

Fatora is the best online payment gateway in Qatar, and it offers various benefits that help increase sales, such as continuous updating and follow up on the latest technologies.

Fatora is the fastest payment gateway in Qatar that facilitates the process of collecting money and organizing financial transactions. You can start using the Fatora application simply and without any complications. In sum, you can get your money in 3 steps with the online payment gateway Fatora:

  1. 1. Create your invoice
  2. 2. Send the payment link to your customers
  3. 3. Collect it online

payment link

What are the features of the payment gateway by Fatora?

1. Fast and easy to apply:

Through simple steps you can do a lot, You can create simple or detailed invoices, link your online store to an online payment gateway that works anywhere in the world, collect your money from anywhere and in all security, and enhance the efficiency and quality of your commercial activities.

In fact, Fatora deals with many gateways to include most countries with which you might need to deal, wherever you are and wherever you go.

In addition, it also offers a variety of services and features, such as the mini store, online payment links, creating invoices, sending and signing them, and managing financial operations in an organized and practical way.

Extend the scope of your financial transactions with the best online payment gateway in Qatar by Fatora!

2. Highest security and privacy standards:

Any kind of invoices should include detailed information about the customer, whether paying or collecting, such as personal information, address, bank account, and other details that the customer prefers to keep in a safe place that safeguards the privacy of his/her transactions.

Therefore, this feature is one of the most important features of the payment gateway Fatora, and one of the top qualifications that make it number one in Qatar, as it is a strong and secure gateway that enables the collection of money, the creation of invoices, printing and delivering them to customers while safeguarding the information of its customers.

Multipurpose and multiservice

3. Flexibility and breadth:

Fatora enables you to collect your money online through various methods and from different countries. It offers you a smart and fast service to make your online financial transactions easier and more flexible.

You can simply share the online payment links and collect your money securely from anywhere.

4. Multipurpose and multiservice:

Fatora offers multiple features as it works through mini stores, which means that you can link the online payment gateway to your store and complete your financial transactions through it.

Using Fatora, you can also create your exclusive invoices and print them for your customers, pay in installments, and organize payments from anywhere in the world.

5. Multiple currency support:

Fatora is also the best payment gateway in Qatar when it comes to supporting international currencies, knowing that in order for the online payment process to be efficient and practical it should be completed through an online payment platform that supports multiple currencies, so the customer does not have to enter the cycles of currency exchange.

Fatora aims to overcome obstacles and difficulties, and eliminate problems in any online financial transaction or commercial activity, in order to realize the best investment in the virtual world in regards to sale, purchase and payment.


Management of stores and financial transactions:

You can monitor the payment process anywhere and anytime through Fatora, which saves you time and effort by sending a monthly report of all the transactions and invoices in all their details, and of the most active customers and the most sold products during the month.

Creating and signing invoices:

Fatora helps you send invoices to your customers and get the necessary signature to confirm your deals. With the online signing service, there is no need for paper invoices anymore. This will help you document and organize your files in a better and more accurate way, and will also help you archive your customer information.

Get confirmation on your deals now by using the online signature service and sending your invoices to your customers for signature.

Experience and skill:

Fatora offers you the chance to find creative solutions and continuous innovations in overcoming all problems and obstacles in an easy and dynamic way. It saves you time and effort and fills all gaps, whether you are the owner of a store or a certain activity and you want to pay amounts of money or create your own invoices, or you have any need whatsoever in the field of e-commerce and online payment.

We have a specialized team with multiple practical and scientific skills, which works in unity in order to deliver an integral result that satisfies all customers, fills all gaps, and fulfills all needs.

Continuous cumulative development:

In the times of fast-paced great progress in all fields of online dealings, we, at Fatora, are aware of the importance of relentless work to keep pace with the constant upgrade of the techniques of financial transactions and invoices, and the techniques and methods of e-commerce. With us, you will always be at the forefront. Try and see for yourself!

Distinctive features and additional services:

Fatora is based on the idea of​​providing multiple services to customers in order for them to develop their business, such as the feature of the mini-store and the possibility to link products with WhatsApp to make the selling process easier. It also includes online payment links and various services.

Benefit now from this unique chance with the fastest payment gateway in Qatar. Join the Fatora family and always be ahead of your competitors.

With Fatora, you are the biggest winner!

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