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About us

Fatora is one of the fruits of the success and cumulative effort made by the Maktapp team in the field of technical progress over the past years.

During her career, she has won many awards, including the best e-commerce platform, the award for the best entrepreneurial project in Qatar, the award for the best cloud business platform, as well as many other awards.

Today, Fatora carries a package of professional marketing and administrative tools that are used by more than 72 thousand companies in 27 countries to make profits, collect payments and expand the scope of work with ease and complete ease.

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Fatora started its journey in 2018 by Waleed Al Yafei and Saleh Al Mansouri, and its first step was to search for electronic payment solutions to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers in managing their payments and collecting their money.

It is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and free zone, certified by the pci organization, has received a high rating and a high customer satisfaction rate, and I am also accredited at the Qatar science and Technology Park, and is also considered a technical edifice that supports technical projects.

Today’s Fatora platform consists of an integrated technical team that provides the best e-commerce services and electronic payment solutions for entrepreneurs, independent business owners and small and medium-sized businesses.

Over the past years, it has kept pace with digital development in all its forms, while monitoring the client’s need and moving towards the direction of his support and sharing success.

In 2019, Fatora developed a cash register and point of sale service within its services to meet the needs of shops and business areas that require credit card payments and has received a lot of support from customers who have benefited from this service.

This encouraged it in 2021 to launch stronger and more advanced services in the field of e-commerce, which has become an urgent need for business owners after the spread of the corona epidemic.

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Our vision:

With the global technological progress, the needs of investors and entrepreneurs are increasing in terms of technical solutions in the field of trade, payment and financial transactions.

Our goal:

We aim to provide e-commerce and e-payment services to entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises so that we make it easier for them to employ technological and digital development in the service and development of their projects.

Our services:

We start with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from A to Z, and we provide facilities to support start-up projects and develop medium-sized companies by combining the expertise and high competencies of the team, so that we produce a complete service for you that meets the needs of your project and organize your administrative and financial matters alike.

What to get from Fatora services:

  1. Facilitate and simplify the mechanism of using the billing system, its registration and receipt for non-experts in accounting.
  2. Saving time and effort on non-specialists and technologists.
  3. Guarantee the rights of service providers and internet merchants to collect the price of their services and sales.
  4. Facilitate the administrative, technical and financial work of small and medium-sized businesses in receiving funds from customers and speeding up the pace of work.
  5. Help and support entrepreneurs, both freelancers and self-employed people in receiving their money easily and easily.
  6. Facilitating online sales in all Arab and international websites and platforms through electronic stores .

What does Fatora offer?

  • Save 3 hours a week of time and effort 
  • Create 10 free invoices for customers and collect money easily 
  • Create a free online store 
  • Integrated services for all areas of work.
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Need more info?

We are ready upon request to explain everything related to Fatora!

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