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Built securely from the ground up

We use a wide range of technologies to ensure high levels of security throughout
the whole site.

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  • All communications are secured using strong encryption.
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection
  • Advanced DDoS Attack Protection
  • Encryption of sensitive data and communication
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Fully GDPR compliant
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Fatora is the safest financial option in Qatar because we:

  1. Adhere to international standards: We strive to apply international standards professionally and have many quality certificates in the application of these standards.
  2. We have secure and reliable Internet servers that guarantee the protection of customer information.
  3. Secure 256 bit Gateway Encryption Certificate: Application of the PCI DSS standard to control the data of credit card holders and reduce fraud.

And ensures the security and protection of user information, it is :

    1. Affective technique in the preservation of transactions: uses a secure technology in maintaining the transactions of customers from the beginning to completion.
    2. Guaranteeing rights in disputes: The application deposits your money into your account until the problem is resolved between you and the customer.
    3. Confidentiality of your information: Full confidentiality of your account information and credit cards.
    4. our customer information is 100% secure we are using 256 bit SSL encryption data connection between the platform and payment gateway
    5. We process payments only we don’t store customers bank cards
    6. We don’t have any access to customer card information
    7. Fatora is using banks payment gateway which is approved by Qatar Central Bank

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