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Agency Program

Agency Program

You can, through the Agency’s program, publish fatora link on your personal website:

By registering in the Agency’s program, a link will be sent to you to place it on your personal website and through which the customer can register directly with fatora program without returning to our website.

Benefits of the Agency program for your business:

  1. Through the Agency’s program, your company logo will be displayed along with the logo of the program and this will enhance your brand.
  2. Through a special control panel, you will be able to view your accounts, customer’s phone numbers and monthly subscriptions, details of your subscriber package, and percentage of your profits from each customer.
  3. You will get 35% on every payment if the customer pays through your bank account or pay in cash.
  4. You will receive 25% for every payment made through bank cards.

How to become an agent for a bill?

  1. Register the agency’s application.
  2. The request is approved and approved.
  3. activate your account and give you ways to publish the program on your personal site.
  4. The agency fee will be deducted once for $ 100
  5. You will be able to withdraw your earnings when they reach $ 50 and more.

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