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Fatora features


Create your invoices in Arabic or English Language.

Send the invoice to your customer’s mobile phone, email, or even share it with his WhatsApp in seconds.


Customize Fatora with your company’s brand

Send professional and trustworthy invoices to your customers by customizing it with your company’s brand colors and logo


Track your invoices

Enable notifications to receive messages about payable, paid or delayed invoices and every transaction in your account


PayMe link

Create your invoices professionally and send the payment link to your customers directly with multiple payment options that suit their preferences.


Multi-payment invoices

Create one invoice for multiple installments All you need is to determine the amount and the number of installments. Fatora will manage the payments and send reminders to your customers accordingly.


Fatora installment

Installments and subscriptions payment is simple with Fatora. Fatora facilitates installments and subscriptions payment, and your customer can pay according to his available budget. Fatora sends reminders for your customers about their payable invoices to receive your money regularly and effortlessly.


Export and print invoice

You are a punctual person; we know ☺ . That’s why we introduced a new feature to enable you to export the invoices in pdf or excel format. You can print your invoices in seconds if you need to keep a paper copy.


Fatora with multiple currencies

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy transactions with your local currency or the international currencies. All you need to do is to customize your Fatora with the desired currency. You can change between currencies seamlessly. Send Fatora with your preferred currency and Fatora will calculate the exchange rate.


Add taxes and offer discounts

Do you have many loyal customers? Do you want to offer regular discounts for them? Fatora is designed to fit your financial needs. Add product taxes or offer discounts without arithmetical errors. Customize the amount of discount according to the terms of the country. Fatora is available for all, and we comply with the financial legislations in Qatar and all the countries we operate in.


Who pays the transaction fees?

With one click, set whether you or your customer will pay the transaction fees.


Add attachments to your Fatora

No more paper invoices, no financial record loss or damage. All your financial transactions are well organized and arranged in a simple and easy access interface regardless of when or where you are. Add more details to your invoices and attach supporting documents or images. Access your invoices whenever you want.


Receive online payments

Fatora offers different payment options like (PayPal, MasterCard, Visa) and more. Don’t worry about your bank accounts and taxes. Achieve more sales with Fatora, expand your business and receive the money through your preferred method.


Setup a small online store

Integration with websites and online stores

Do you have an online store? Even if you have a home-based business that sells online you can enjoy Fatora. Fatora makes online payment faster and safer. End my translation. Integrate Fatora with your website and focus your effort in making more success Fatora will collect your money and track your invoices promptly and securely.


Promote your products online

No more need for pricey online stores. Fatora enables you to build a small online store and showcase your products. Send the payment link to your customers and exploit different payment methods.


Generate payment links and share them on social media.

Now you can increase your sales by sharing your products on social media accompanied by ready-made payment links. All you need to do is to create an invoice for the product, generate payment link and share it in the social media.


Customer management

Import the list of your customers and their contact details.

Don’t waste more time in writing the information of your customer, just import the contact list from your phone and Fatora will do the rest.


Add detailed customer information

Choose your customer’s logo or photo and upload his detailed information with one click.


Regular performance reports

Regular reports about invoice status whether sent, paid, or canceled.

Fatora helps you to filter your invoices and generate a report about the amount and the number of the prompt or detailed, and installment or multi-payment invoices.


Report about the current payable balance

With one click you can check your current balance and credit, a detailed report about every invoicing process like received, paid and reimbursed money.


The account

Manage your companies with one account

If you have more than one business and you need to use the same payment method for all, Fatora will make that happen and enables you to add and manage all your companies in one account


Multiple users account (teamwork)

Fatora is the best way for teamwork, assign responsibilities for your employees according to their roles: whether the financial manager, the accountant or the general manager. Every employee will obtain the required authority under your supervision


Automated money transfer

No need to check your balance daily, Fatora transfer money to your bank account weekly.


Security and privacy

Secure login system

No fraud, Fatora records all account activities with regular notifications sent to your email or mobile phone


Data security and encryption

Fatora keeps you from fraud and hacking, thanks to our support team and our specialized data security and encryption programs. We take the responsibility of protecting your account against any suspicious transaction.


File backup

Backup all your data: your information and financial transactions are securely saved. You can download your backup if you want to shut down your account. Even if you didn’t backup your data, our system will save it for a while in case you want to activate your account again.



Save the time and effort by adding all your products and their specifications and categorize them to be included automatically in your invoice.


Compatibility with all operating systems

Fatora is available for all mobile operating systems thanks to the simple and responsive interface that operates with all systems. Effortlessly, generate your invoices from your mobile or desktop


Alerts and notifications

We notify you about all transactions in your account including paid or canceled invoices. We email notifications to you or send SMS or WhatsApp messages. You will be constantly informed about your financial status to make sure it goes as planned.


Reports and statistics

Imagine, one click to access a detailed reports about all the financial transactions and payments in your account in a specified time.


Integration with POS Points of sale

Get rid of paper invoices and cash accumulation in your shop. We designed Fatora for points of sale to overcome the pain of paper records and cash payment.


QR code payment

Modern and instant technologies are used by Fatora to facilitate invoicing and payment receipt. Scan the QR code to get the payment link and pay from your mobile.


24/7 technical support

Our support team is available on the website, email, WhatsApp or mobile phone all the time to answer your queries.


Efficient app

The efficient app Fatora is available for android and IOS.


Professional cashier system

Don’t worry about overcrowding in your shop, hotel or training center. Fatora is your professional cashier, it provides simple and fast options for payment and invoicing, invoice recording, printing and exporting.


Integration with PayPal

Integrate Fatora with the biggest online payment platform and receive unfettered payment from all over the world.


Integration with Wix

Use a simple code to integrate Fatora with Wix.


Integration with Shopify

Simple code open the doors of integration with Shopify and offers more payment options which results in more sales


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