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Selling via social media

Get your product link within your online store, share it on your pages, and get the most sales.

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Integrate your online store to facebook shop via Fatora

Market smartly through Facebook shop via Fatora ✨📢
You can now view your products through Facebook and sell them online easily with Fatora
How is that??!
Follow us in this article.

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The best way to integrate your online store to google shop via Fatora

More than 60 billion searches are made daily through the Google search engine.
Are you ready to attract customers and sell online through google shop?!
So start the first step through this article.

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Easy and practical steps to sell by instagram shobable

Marketing is the art of finding innovative ways to display and promote your products
Invest the secrets of effective marketing by Integrate your online store from Fatora to Instagram.
Everything you need to know in one place.

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Marketing via snapchat through Fatora store is easier and more efficient

If you are owner of an online store targeting teenagers and young adults, your best choice is snap chat marketing
Learn how to benefit from it to develop your business, increase your revenue, and let us unleash your participation.

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Market your products on Twitter via the Fatora store

You can now integrate your online store from FAtora to a Twitter account. Learn how to market and sell online through this application.

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Selling via WhatsApp in easy and simple steps by your store from Fatora

The favorite for everyone, WhatsApp, why don’t you talk your customers through this App which is closest to them?
With Fatora, you can now apply it through this article.

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Your complete guide from Fatora to improve SEO conditions in your online store

An easy and free way to increase your visibility for your customers, with a set of rules provided by Fatora you will lead top of the search results

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