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Tech companies with Fatora

Tech companies with Fatora

Tech companies with Fatora

Flexibility of linking with websites and applications

You can expand your business framework and link Fatora with the most popular sites and apps

PayPal: Fatora provides the feature of linking with the largest online payment platforms, and through this feature you can collect your money globally without any restriction

WIX: With a simple code, you can link fatora in and collect your money in the fastest way

Shopify: Connecting fatora with Shopify is done through a simple software code that gives you online payment options and increases sales


Continue reports on performance

Through fatora, you get continue reports on your company’s activity


  • Reports of paid, sent and canceled invoices
  • Report of available and withdrawable balances



Security and privacy

Your account in fatora is secure and private. After activating in fatora, you will get:


  • Secure login system
  •  Data security and encryption
  •  Backing up files
  • Alerts and notifications
  •  Technical support 24/7



Set of tools that help you sell your product and services online


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