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How to use PayPal in Qatar

How to use PayPal in Qatar

PayPal is a commercial website that provides online money transfer and is one of the most common e-payment solutions.  The user has the ability to send or transfer funds to individuals and companies using a banking system.  PayPal was founded by Max Ifichen, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Luke Nozick.

PayPal provides  a quick and easy way to send and collect money online.  You can transfer money (abroad) to family, friends, online stores, and auction websites such as eBay. The PayPal website provides a fast way to pay online but the most that people are away from converting to it, as PayPal’s Commission may reach more than 10% depending on the currency transferred from it.

PayPal is a good e-payment method, but some countries are constrained in its use due to financial or international restrictions.  But from a user’s point of view, some have difficulty or different questions about the use of PayPal, such as the common question “How to use PayPal in Qatar?”

How do you use PayPal in Qatar?

The National Bank of Qatar, which was founded in 1994 as the first Qatari commercial bank.  The National Country Bank provides PayPal with an agreement to provide easy ways to mobilize the balance and send money from the bank account to the portfolio in PayPal.  The National Bank of Qatar provides PayPal through Online Banking.  The service allows you to send money to different PayPal accounts.

This service is provided through Online Banking, Direct Transfer of funds from the bank’s personal accounts, withdrawal of funds.  By using PayPal in Qatar, the beneficiary has the ability to withdraw, send and simply execute electronic transactions.  Transfer funds to and from your bank account and PayPal account.  Register with PayPal by linking it to your bank card and start withdrawing and transferring money easily via QNB Online services.

Why use PayPal in Qatar?

  • No Commission fee for shopping.
  • Financial and information security
  • There are no specific payment limits

If you want new features, you can use another payment gateway that can be easily linked to your account.  Fatora being the best e-payment gateway in Qatar offers you the ability to link to your bank account and get various benefits such as:

  • Manage invoices and get various templates and billing patterns.
  • Payment links you can send to anywhere and collect your money directly
  • Online mini-store with online payment feature
  • POS

Many different features, where you can link a PayPal account to Fatora and enjoy various benefits.  Try Fatora and enjoy the best services and features to help you earn money and make your business easier.

To inquire about the link service, contact the appropriate support team at [email protected] or by sending a message via this  page

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