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MAKTAPP RECURRING and MAKTAPP QSTP , What does that mean? 

MAKTAPP RECURRING and MAKTAPP QSTP , What does that mean? 

What do Maktapp recurring and Maktapp qstp mean? Why did I get a message stating that money had been deducted from my bank account balance to these ones?

It’s very simple, it’s a subsidiary of Maktapp Fatora Company, which owns Fatora website for online payment solutions. Fatora for online payment solutions is used by companies, business owners, and retailers to collect their money from customers safely and quickly. Therefore, the funds deducted from your bank account are made through a company or institution that you are already registered with as a student, buyer of a particular commodity or product or else.

Fatora deals with many different merchants and business owners to make it easier to collect their money online from their customers securely and quickly.

These transactions are made through Fatora for online payment solutions, through which some financial transactions will be deducted from your bank account to help merchants collect their money from you and send a message stating the success of the transaction.

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