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Fatora is pleased to offer a technical support model that provides business value throughout the

product’s lifecycle.

The Fatora Services Team empowers our customers with the tools to maximize their technology investment.

In addition to conventional support processes, we offer web-based support and online service assistance that

allows you the flexibility to access our technical team in a way most convenient to your needs.


In the situation that a client experiences an issue with the Fatora payment gateway, we request the customer
to provide us the following details:

  • If the issue is discovered to be customer oriented then we would request customer Information, including
    primary contact.
  • We request the customer to classify the issue by the priority table listed below. Fatora will acknowledge
    the notice and provide a case number and take appropriate measures to solve the issue as quickly as
    possible according to its priority

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Response Target:

Time that will be approximately taken to acknowledgement of a customer’s problem and start the information gathering process.

Restoration Approach:

These are the steps taken to resolve an ongoing process. There might be more steps involved, but these are the major summary steps.

Screenshot 4

Web, Telephone, and Email Support

Fatora Support Team is available to the Customer via a regional telephone number (77228229) on the below

working hours:
Saturday to Thursday, from 9-5 pm.

We can also be reached at [email protected] for any queries. In addition to this we can also help you track
previous tickets and see updates on on-going requests via this email.

We fortify this agreement by guaranteeing service level agreements (SLAs) covering Maintenance and Technical Support response times, particularly for the critical issues.

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