Integrate Fatora With Calendly

You can integrate your calendly account with Fatora payment gateway, you’ll be able to collect payments from invitees at the time an event is scheduled. Please follow these steps.

Step1: Configure Event type

  1. To get started, login into Calendly account


Step2: Create a new template for your regularly scheduled events, then edit and expand the Confirmation Page section

  1. By default, event details will be displayed on a Calendly hosted confirmation page after events are scheduled. Alternatively, To make integration with Fatora payment gateway, you have to select Redirect to an external site from on confirmation option, then set the Redirect URL in this format:{api_key}?amount={value}

    This is the URL of Fatora confirmation page your invitees will be automatically redirected to upon scheduling an event.

    • the api_key is your api_key which you find it in Fatora account.
    • the amount parameter is the amount of event.
    • the currency of this amount will be as your default currency in Fatora account.
    • you have to set checkbox Pass event details to your redirected page to true because it is required in confirmation page.

How the integration will be done?

  1. Once the invitee completes sechduling events, he will be redirected to confirmation page.

  2. Upon confirms this paid event, he will be redirected to Fatora checkout page.

  3. Success page will appear upon success payment has been done, and the invitee will receive confirmation email from Fatora.

  4. Otherwise Failure page will appear when payment has been failure for any reason. and the merchant will receive cancelation email to remove the invitee from scheduled event from calendly account.

  • If the invitee does not confirm, or close checkout page without paid the amount, the merchant will automatically receive an email to remove the invitee from scheduled event.
  • If the payment has been failed the merchant will automatically receive email to remove the invitee from scheduled event


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