validation Verify Payment

The following endpoint is used to verify specific payment details. Usually requested after successful completion payment to verify that the returning result is from Fatora itself or if it is hacking.

The following endpoint is used to get order(payment) details, you may need to call it after each succes_url for double checking the calling
curl -X POST '' \
-H 'api_key:  E4B73FEE-F492-4607-A38D-852B0EBC91C9' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "transaction_id" : "123456789",
    "order_id" : "123456789"
$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => '',
    'con: a',
    'api_key:  E4B73FEE-F492-4607-A38D-852B0EBC91C9',
    'Content-Type: application/json'
    "transaction_id" : "123456789",
    "order_id" : "123456789"

$response = curl_exec($curl);

echo $response;
using (var httpClient = new HttpClient())
    using (var request = new HttpRequestMessage(new HttpMethod("POST"), ""))
        request.Headers.TryAddWithoutValidation("api_key", "E4B73FEE-F492-4607-A38D-852B0EBC91C9");
        request.Content.Headers.ContentType = MediaTypeHeaderValue.Parse("application/json");

        VerfiyPayment verfiyPayment = new VerfiyPayment(){
                transaction_id = "123456789",
                order_id = "123456"

        string payload = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(payment);
        request.Content = new StringContent(payload);
        var response = httpClient.SendAsync(request);
status: "SUCCESS",
"result": {
    "order_id": "XXXXXX",
    "transaction_id": "XXXXXX",
    "amount": XXX,
    "currency": "XXX",
        "name": "XXXXXXXXX",
    "note": "Demo of Payment",
    "payment_date": "",
    "payment_status": "SUCCESS|PENDING|FAILURE",
    "mode": "live",
    "auth_code": "XXXXXX",
        "exchange_rate": XX,
        "amount": XXX,
        "interchange_fees": XXX,
    "description": "Transaction Successful - Approved",
    "card_token": "XXXXXX",
        "transfer_number":"transafer number",
        "refund_transaction_id": "XXXXXX"
    "card_details": {
        "card_type": "MasterCard",
        "last_4_digits": "XXXX",
        "type": "Credit"

Try it now: Verify payment API

Header Parameters

Header Value
api_key REQUIRED Use the valid API key of your Fatora account. Read more information about Authentication.
Content-Type REQUIRED application/json
Parameter Description
transaction_id OPTIONAL stringThe transaction id of payment issued from the bank.
order_id REQUIRED stringA unique identifier for order in your application


The successful request returns the HTTP 200 OK status code and a JSON response body that shows information about payment.

Response Schema: application/json
status string the status of response.
result arrayThe result array contins the following values:
  • order_id string, A unique identifier for order in your application.
  • transaction_id string, The transaction id of payment issued from the bank.
  • amount Decimel, Indicates the amount of the payment.
  • currency String, currency used for the order.
  • client Object, client's data
    • name String, the name of client.
    • email String, the email of client.
    • phone String, the phone of client.
  • note String, addtional information
  • payment_date String, date of payment in format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss:ms
  • payment_status String, the status of payment, enum values: SUCCESS|PENDING|FAILURE
  • mode String, The value of your integration mode, enum values ["test", "live"].
  • auth_code String, the auth code issued from the bank
  • exchange_details Object, its value is NULL, when the currency is USD or QAR
    • exchange_rate String, description
    • amount String, description
    • currency String, currency used for the order
  • transfer_details Object, its value is NULL, if the payment did not yet transferred to merchant account.
    • interchange_fees String, description
    • rate Decimel, description
    • transfer_number String, description
  • description String, description
  • card_token String, description
  • refund_details String, its value is NULL, if the payment didn't refunded.
    • status String, description
    • transfer_number String, description
    • refund_transaction_id String, description
  • card_details description
    • card_type String, description
    • last_4_digits String, description
    • type String description

Otherwise if there was a problem with your request, you'll receive an error response such as 400 status code, and the response will include an error object describing why this request failed.

Response Schema: application/json
status string The status of response.
error object:
  • error_code string, the naumber of error: e.g: 400, For more information
    see Response Code
  • description string, the description of error: e.g: bad request

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