Integrate Fatora With WordPress Website

You can integrate any wordpress website with Fatora, follow this steps.

Step1: initialization

Be sure that you have do the following at first

  1. Download Fatora payment gateway plugin from

  2. Install WooCommerce plugin on your website and active it.

Step2: Install Fatora payment gateway plugin

  1. Select Plugins, then choose upload plugin Button to upload Fatora Payment Gateway which you have downloaded it.

  2. Click Installed Plugins > Fatora - Fatora Payment Geteway settings .

  3. Set the following inforamtion in Fatora Payment Getway settings:

    • Set your live API KEY.
    • Set the URL of success page which will return back to when successful completion payment. see step3
    • Set the URL of failure page which will return back to when failure payment. see step3
    • Set the language of checkout payment gateway "ar" or "en".
    • Set the currency code you support in your website as ISO format, by default it is QAR.
  4. Select WooCommerce setting > Payments tab.

  5. Enable Fatora Payment Gateway Payment method.


Step3: Create Completation Page (success, failure) page

Create two pages to get the URL of success and failure page which we mentioned in the previous step.

  1. From your wordpress admin, go to Pages > add new page.


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