refer-to-manual Overview

Fatora REST API is an enhanced and improved API version that will simplify the integration with the Fatora platform through simple straightforward steps.

In this integration guide, we have a complete walk-through for Fatora payment integration platform. This documents covers standard checkout, tokenization, card token deactivation, payment verification, payment refunding, and mobile integration, and to facilitate the payment integration, we also provide e-commerce plugins, SDK for mobile and server, and sample code(s) for the most commonly used script languages like .Net, PHP, Javascript, Java and many more.

christmas-star Features

  • Fatora gateway provides robust features for processing online payments, it processes payments securely.

  • Multilingual Checkout Page: Fatora offers checkout page in two languages, English and Arabic.

  • Multi-Currency Payment: Fatora supports payments in multi currencies. Enables you to issue invoices in different currencies. The payments will be settled to your account in currencies you support. Fatora will take care of the conversion. Read more about currencies support.

  • Card tokenization service: to retain the security level and minimize the PCI DSS compliance effort. As it gives you more flexibility over the payment process.

For old API version please check this documentation

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