currency-exchange Currency Support

You can accept the payments from your clients in Qatari currency "QAR" as default, and in Dollar i.e. "USD" as foreign currency. Once your clients have made the payment in another currency, Fatora will take care of the conversion and the checkout page will appear in "USD" currency.

Fatora supports multi-currencies like Arabic currencies, USD, EUR, AUD, MYR, and TRY. The currency of checkout may be "QAR" or "USD", so if you request Standard checkout API in currency other than "QAR" and "USD" Fatora will convert the value to "USD" and display the checkout page in "USD" with the new value. (Fatora is responsible for conversion).

credit-card Payment Method

Fatora supports both credit and debit cards. If the currency of order is "QAR", you can use a credit or a debit card for paying and the checkout page will contain the two options.


If you pass save_token=true at requesting Standard Checkout API, you can use just a credit card for paying, and the checkout page will look like the following:



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